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Welcome to the website of the company E.C.S Ltd, a specialist in cleaning graffiti and smog on the walls and the monuments, using the cleaning ecological system without the use of sand or other aggressive chemicals. Application of antigraffiti and antismog protection which is based on microcrystal, allowing the surface to breathe and prevents surface five years of vandal acts.

Ecological Cleaning System Ltd.  is working from 30 years in the field of industrial cleaning and restoration of cultural monuments. It was born first in Sardinia, then in Europe, specializing in the specific cleaning and polishing the surfaces, removing graffiti and refurbishing monuments of stone and bronze.

The company consists of specialized technologists who have their competence and knowledge in providing quality services in cleaning and polishing.Currently, by the system EKOBIOTECH, reached high quality and professionalism in implementing a unique system for cleaning facades, graffiti, monuments, consisting cleaning and laying a protective layer on the surface, which is 100% biodegradable and prevents penetration of spray paint to clean surfaces and are already supporting the future of graffiti removal. Applicable for: statues of bronze and stone - facades of historic buildings - urban transport.



Ecological Cleaning System Ltd  1636 Sofia Bulgaria Ovcha Kupel 2 Bl.18 Tel. +359 8888 07849  +359 8888 13496